Rural Urban Migration


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Define rural to urban migration
The movement of people from rural eg) countryside to urban areas such as towns and cities.
What does rural to urban migration cause
urbanisation- which is the growth in the proportion of people living in urban areas.
How does rural to urban migration differ between developed and developing countries.
-Most rural to urban migration has already occured in developed countries. eg) 80% of the UK's population live in towns and cities.
-This happened in last 18th early 19th century during the industrial revolution.

-Less of the population in developing countries live in urban areas. eg) 20% of the population of Bangladesh live in towns and cities.
-Most rural to urban migration happening nowadays is in developing countries- causing rapid urbanization.
Rural to urban migration in developing countries is triggered by?
1) Foreign investment-TNC's are attracted to urban areas where population density is high. This is due to the access to a large workforce. = job opportunities.

2) Increased access to technology and transport links- people in rural areas learn about these opportunities easier.
Why people leave rural areas (push factors)
1) Inconsistent income/food supply- many people in rural areas are subsistence farmers. Crops failures can mean no income and even starvation.

2)Overpopulation-Too many people are trying to use a limited amount of resources in rural areas eg) not enough land for everyone to farm

3)Low standard of living- often little access to adequate healthcare and education and the demand is high due to high birth rate in these areas.
Why people migrate to urban areas (pull factors)
1) Better job opportunities
2)Higher wages and more stable incomes
3)Higher standard of living- better access to healthcare and education as well as clean water supply and electricity.
Rural to urban migration is helping to create more million cities and mega cities. Define.
-million city= cities with a pop of 1 million or more- more than 400 of them

-megacities= metropolitan areas with 10 million or more people- more than 22 of them.
Case study: Rural to urban migration in China.
-300 million rural chinese people are now thought to live in citites. in 1990 74% of chinese lived in rural areas this has now dropped to around 56%.

-People are moving to the east coast as this is where popular cities such as beijing and shanghai are located.
Factors that have triggered rural to urban migration in china?
-FDI from TNC's. = more job oppurtunity attracting people from rural areas. EG) Ford have opened a factory in Nanjing in Shanghai.
-Better connections through tecnology and transport links = rural areas hear about opportunities. eg) China National Highway
why people leave rural china- push factors
1) high unemployment
3)Low standard of living
why people enter urban china- pull factors
1)Higher employment with higher wages
2)Higher standard of living