Tech: Mechanisms


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Rotary - Turning. e.g. a wheel
Linear - Moving in a straight line. e.g. a paper trimmer
Reciprocating - Back and forth. e.g. a saw
Oscillating - swinging from side to side. e.g. a pendulum
What are the 4 types of mechanical motion?
Class 1: Load, Fulcrum, Effort. e.g. pliers
Class 2: Effort. Load, Fulcrum. e.g. wheelbarrow
Class 3: Load, Effort, Fulcrum. e.g. Tweezers
What are the 3 types of lever?
Pulleys can cover larger distances without the need for extra wheels and therefore reducing weight.
What are the advantages of pulleys and belts compared to gear systems?
Occasionally if the pulley is not able to turn or if it is turning too fast, the belt might slip which causes the system to be inefficient
What are the disadvantages of pulleys and belts compared to gear systems?