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GCSE Dance: Ghost Dances and SLAPC: Accompaniment


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gun shot (shows the zebra has been killed)
supports theme of endangered species
trumpets/brass instruments at the start (very grand)
creates climax (sense of antipation)
enhances mood or atmosphere
music fades away (like the zebras life)
enhance narative
Repeated African tune (that is the type of music they play in Africa)
New music for each section (defines the sections)
gives structure to the work
Builds in speed the sudden stop (obvious gap between each section)
emphasises the change of section
South American folk (type of music that they'd play in Chile)
supports the location
Dripping water (suggest there isn't much water and for things to survive they need lots of water)
symbolic that there is a lack of life
Wind effects (different from the panpipes)
creates contrast