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The dance is in 4 sections and although not titled, Kenrick describes them as being based around the following ideas:
1. Genesis (start-2min12sec)- start of life and a feeling starts to grow and create from the womb of expressionism. Sense of an electrical current affecting the dancers. He explores ideas of struggling to be free, find individual expression, conformity and order.
2. Growth and struggles (2min12sec-3min21sec)- starting with an individual dancer's expression contrasted by others entering from stage right. What may appear aggressive suggests the struggle for the recognition of individual passion and expression. Ends in a rugby scrum inspired formation with an ensemble supporting the individual dancer.
3. The connection and flow between people (3min21sec-6min30sec)- developing from a duet to a full ensemble. There are aspects of memory, manipulation, flow, merge and play between individuals in a relationship. An energy flows through the dancers, sometimes controlled by an individual and sometimes in group unison.
4. Empowerment (6min20sec-10min39sec)- Energy is captured and released with a new found raw, super human power. The release of individual energy (now more chaotic) continues to contrast with the powerful order of group unison. Within the idea of empowerment, this section also showcases the individual skills and expressionism of the core dancers. The contrasting lyrical qualities and frenetic percussive elements of the accompaniment are echoed in the contrasting actions and dynamics. There is an incessant quality as the section builds to a crescendo where the dancers are fully empowered. The section finishes with the dancers huddling together in unity before a final blackout and bow.