Soft and hard engineering


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Beach nourishments
The addition of sand or shingle to sn existing beach to make it wider
Dune regeneration
Fences are put up around the sand dunes , this keeps people off them
Dune fencing
Fences are constructed on a sandy beach along the seaward face of existing dunes to encourage new dune formation
Managed retreat
Controlled retreat of the coastline , often allowing flooding
Groynes ( hard engineering )
Timber or rock built out so sea , they trap sediment from long shore s drift and enlarges the beach
Sea wall
Concrete rock placed at the top of the beach , has a curved face to reflect the wVes back into the sea
Rock armour
Piles of large boulders dumped at the foot of the cliff , the rocks force waves to break , absorbing their energy and protecting the cliffs
Wire cages filled with rocks that can be built up to support a cliff