GCSE Dance Emancipation Of Expressionism


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Kendrick H2O Sandy
Performed By
Boy Blue Entertainment
Premier Date
May 2013
Dance Styles
Hip Hop
Choreographic Approach
Exploring hip hop movement and the company's signature motifs in a contemporary way.
Signature Motifs
Ninja Walk, Ninja Glide, Ninja Static, Chariots of Fire.
*The music- Til Enda by Olafur Arnalds
*The title- Emancipation of Expressionism- The importance of being free to express ourselves both as individuals and through the use of hip hop.
Choreographic Intention
*To use hip hop as a tool to create art that affects the audience in a theatrical setting.
*Each section represents a scene, a moment in life, and the whole work is a journey.
*The theme of order and chaos highlights the restrictions of an individual style of hip hop dance.
17 Dancers- 8 female, 9 male.
11 minutes
4 Sections
1. Genesis
2. Growth and struggle
3. The connection and flow between people.
4. Empowerment.
Proscenium Arch.
No set design or staging.
Short-sleeved pastel blue t-shirts, blue denim jeans and grey trainers with a white sole. Everyday jewellery and piercings. Hair tied back
Reasons for Costume
*Represents the company and their style.
*Enhances the shape of their bodies.
*Casual and clean look.
*Typical of the style of dance (Urban)
*During a section of the dance the dancers interact with their t-shirts.
*Facial expressions can be clearly seen.
*Enhance their individuality.
*Enhances the choreographic intention scenes.
*Represents 'a moment in everyday life'.
Lighting from above the stage is blue, and a purple wash on the backdrop is used during the opening of this section. The lighting is intense throughout this section. Blue was used when ensemble are on stage. White spotlight used centre stage. 3 more spotlights added all at different angles, crossing over each other. Use of side lights to highlight dancers faces. Edges of the stage are not lit. Short blackout used, as dancers huddle, lighting changes to a warm yellow and finally fades into a blackout to signify the end of the dance.