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Germany Nov 1918-June 1919. Basic Facts Test


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What happened at the Kiel and Wilhlelmshaven naval bases in October and early November 1918?
The sailors mutinied when ordered to set sail to fight the Royal Navy
What name is given to the series of French, British and American victories on the Western Front from Aug-late October 1918?
The Hundred Days Offensive
Who stepped down from the ruling Germany on 9 November 1918
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Who became President of the new German Republic on 9 November 1918
Friederich Ebert
What was agreed on 11 November 1918 ?
Armistice on The Western Front
What is the name given to the left-wing coup attempt of early January 1919 in Berlin ?
The Spartacist Uprising
Who were the leaders of the Spartacist Uprising?
Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg
Which Southern German city had a short-lived Soviet Revolutionary government in Spring 1919 ?
Which office-holder was given emergency powers in Article 48 of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic?
The President
What technical term is used to describe the voting system in which the number of seats awarded corresponds to the number of votes cast for a political party?
Proportional Representation
What economic weapon did Britain continue to use against Germany between 11 Nov 1918 and the signing of the Versailles Treaty ?
Naval Blockade of German ports
What programme outlined by the US President did the Germans hope would form the basis of any peace settlement ?
The Fourteen Points
Which country that had for long been divided between Russia, Germany, and Austria re-emerged through a national revolution in 1918-1919, with the support of Britain, France and America?
What name was given to describe the group comprising the French and American Presidents, and the British Prime Minister?
The Big Three
Which two territories, lost in an earlier war of 1870-1871, was France determined to recover from Germany?
Alsace and Lorraine
What name is more commonly given to Article 231 of the Versailles Treaty ?
The War Guilt Clause
Over which issue did the British economist John Maynard Keynes disagree strongly with the other members of the British delegation at Versailles ?
The scale of reparations to be paid by Germany
What limit was set on the size of the new German Army ?
What term is commonly used to describe to the region allocated to Poland that gave it access to the Sea, dividing German East Prussia from the remainder of Germany?
The Polish Corridor
Which international parliament representing national governments did President Wilson set up as a guarantor of the 1919 treaties ?
The League of Nations