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Germany 1919-1924 Basic Facts Test


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Name one of the leaders of the right wing coup attempt in Berlin in 1920
Wolfgang Kapp, Walther von Luttwitz
What term did the nationalist right invent for how The First World War ended for Germany , and the national humiliation that followed
"Dolchstoss"/stab in the back
What was the final sum agreed between the allies in 1921 for the level of reparations for to be paid by Germany?
£6.6 billion
Name any one German politician assassinated by the extreme right in the early 1920s for their involvement in the armistice or final peace settlement.
Walther Rathenau, Matthias Erzberger
What did the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers' Party) of Anton Drexler become in February 1920?
The Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSDAP).
What economic phenomenon, that had begun with wartime shortages in the later stages of World War I, became extreme in 1922 ?
What did Germany fail to fulfil in December 1922?
Its reparations payments
Which German region was occupied by the French and Belgians in January 1923
The Ruhr
How did the German workers in the Ruhr respond to the French occupation of January 1923?
They went on strike
How did the French army respond to the Ruhr workers striking?
Some German workers were shot
In which north German port city did the KPD (German Communist Party) attempt an uprising in October 1923, during The Ruhr Crisis ?
Which German politician became Chancellor at the height of The Ruhr Crisis and called off the strikes against French occupation?
Gustav Stresemann
Which Italian politician inspired the German extreme right due to his seizure of power in Rome ?
Benito Mussolini
Which right wing politician was appointed emergency governor of Bavaria in September 1923?
Gustav von Kahr
Who became leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP, Nazi Party) in 1921 ?
Adolf Hitler
What was the calendar significance of 9th November, the date of the 1923 Putsch attempt in Munich ?
It was the anniversary of the collapse of Kaiser Wilhelm II's rule in 1918, and the formation of the Republic.
Which army veteran and Freikorps leader provided weapons and men to the Nazis during the 1923 Putsch?
Ernst Roehm
How did the German regular army and police in Munich respond to Hitler's attempted putsch in November 1923?
They opened fire on Hitler and his supporters.
What was the significance of Georg Neithardt as judge in the trial of Hitler following the Munich Putsch?
Neithardt was a Conservative nationalist, who had passed a lenient sentence against Hitler in an earlier case in September 1921 when the Nazis had disrupted another Party's meeting.
What sentence did Hitler receive in 1924, and how many months did he serve in prison?
He was sentenced to five years, but served only eight months.