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Germany 1924-1932 Basic Facts Test


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What did Hitler dictate to his deputy, Rudolf Hess, during his 1924 prison term?
Mein Kampf
Who took charge of the Nazi Party during Hitler's imprisonment ?
Alfred Rosenberg
What decision did the Nazi make in 1925 about its future path to power ?
That it would fight elections
What was the name of the meeting in February 1926 in which Hitler re-asserted his control over the Nazi Party?
The Bamberg Conference
What was the name given to the new leadership system after Hitler's return to the Party Leadership?
Fuehrerprinzip/Fuehrer Principle
Which academic philosopher joined the Nazi Party in December 1924 and became a key player in formulating its political message ?
Joseph Goebbels
What name is given to the 1924 plan negotiated by Stresemann with the USA to support the German currency and manage its debt payments ?
The Dawes Plan
Which agreement did Stresemann agree with France and Britain in 1925 to normalise relations with Germany, in return for its accepting the loss of territories as a result of the Versailles Treaty ?
The Locarno Treaty
Which international body was Germany able to join in 1926?
The League of Nations
Which agreement of 1928 to outlaw aggressive war was negotiated by Stresemann with the American Frank Kellogg and the French Foriegn minister Aristide Briand?
The Kellogg-Briand Pact
Which agreement was reached with the USA in 1929 to restructure Germany's debt payments ?
The Young Plan
What name is given to the global economic crisis that was, in part, caused by the Wall Street Crash of October 1929?
The Great Depression
What percentage of votes did the Nazi Party receive in the 1928 Reichstag elections ?
What name did the Nazis give to Chancellor Heinrich Bruning, who had to cut welfare payments and state salaries in 1930-1931 ?
"The Hunger Chancellor"
Which special interest group did Bruning refuse to protect with cash payments, resulting in President Hindenburg losing faith in him ?
The East-Elbian aristocratic landowners/Junkers
Which Conservative Nationalist, and leader of the DNVP, tried to bring Hitler into a formal alliance "The Harzburg Front" against Chancellor Bruning and the Young Plan?
Alfred Hugenberg
To what level had German unemployment reached by the end of 1932?
5.6 million
What percentage of votes did the Nazis gain in the 1930 Reichstag elections, making it the second largest party ?
Which conservative nationalist was appointed Chancellor in July 1932, by Hindenburg using his emergency powers, and reversed an earlier ban on the S.A.?
Franz von Papen
What percentage of votes did the Nazis gain in the July 1932 Reichstag elections, making them the single largest party ?