GCSE Dance - Shadows


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Christopher Bruce
Phoenix Dance Theatre
Date of first performance
26th Nov 2014
Dance style
Choreographic approach
Doesn't prepare movement, work with dancers
Music, European history and tradition. Relationship between family
Choreographic intention
Reference to past. Small family in Eastern Europe but left to people's interpretation
4 (2 male/2 female)
Aural setting
Frates prerecord
Clear link between movement and music
Violin and piano
Music is in a minor key and is integral to the dark, solemn atmosphere of the dance work. Often used to introduce each character and their emotional response to their environment.
Gendered, 1930-40, colours muted and worn. one dancer wears a grey linen shirt with sleeves rolled up with black cotton trousers Dancers put on shoes and coats to leave which are oversized for son and daughter showing poverty + deprivation.
John B Read. Creates intimate space or room. stage in darkness with white high intensity spotlights above stage, along the sides and the front of the stage focused on dancers as they move long the stage.
Performance environment
End stage
Minimal set, bare walls and floor. Table, bench, 2 stools, coat stand, suitcases. all items worn-looking and drab representing the hardship within the family. space allows audience to enter the kitchen (heart of the home) and set is where narrative of choreo and relationships between the family members unfold.