Characteristics of Hot Deserts


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Hot desert
Have high average temperatures and very low precipitation. These areas need to have less than 250mm of rainfall per year
Atacama Desert
a desert in South America
Chihuahuan Desert
a desert in North America
a desertin Africa
Thar Desert
a desert in Asia
Great Sandy Desert
a desert in Australia
is often sandy or rocky and unable to hold much water.
are often strong, and dry out plants.
In the Thar Desert the Loo wind
blows from south west to north east and can kill people who are exposed to it through heat stroke.
People are dependent upon their animals
in deserts, for food, milk and as use as pack animals. For example, the Beja people use camels in North East Africa through Sudan, Egypt and the Sahara Desert.
the dependence of every organism on its connections with other living and nonliving parts of its environment
help soils retain more water, tie the soil together, preventing soil erosion and provide litter for decomposition