GCSE Dance - Emancipation Of Expressionism

E of E Choreographer
Kenrick H2O Sandy
E of E Company
Boy Blue Entertainment Company
E of E Date of first Performance
May 2013
E of E Dance Style
Hip hop, Krumping, Popping, Locking, Animation, Breaking, Waacking
E of E Choreographic Approach
Explore and abstracting hip hop and signature movements
E of E Stimulus
Til Enda by Olafur Arnalds, the idea of Emancipation and Expressionism
E of E Choreographic Intention
Make audience feel as though they are going through a journey and portray order and chaos.
E of E Dancers
17 (9 male, 8 female)
E of E Duration
11 minutes
E of E Structure
1. Genesis
2. Growth and Struggles
3. Connection and flow between people
4. Empowerment
E of E Aural Setting
1. Michael 'Mikey J' Asante
2. Michael 'Mikey J' Asante
3. November - Max Richter
4. Til Enda - Olafur Arnalds
E of E Costume
Blue shirt, Denim jeans, grey trainers, hair tied back, personal jewellery
E of E Lighting
Blue lighting. Lighting creates moods and themes working with formations and accompaniments. Also highlighting transitions. Black outs make distinction between each section and transitions.
1. Blue light centre highlighting each dancer/ BO/ spotlight
2. White light from stage right. Smoke
3. Blue wash creates mood
4. Cycklorama/ spotlight/ BO
E of E Performance Environment
Proscenium arch stage, smoke