GCSE Dance - Artificial Things

Artificial Things Choreographer
Lucy Bennett
Artificial Things Company
Stopgap Dance Company
Artificial Things Date of first performance
5th February 2014 (UK Premiere)
Artificial Things Dance style
Inclusive contemporary dance (disabled and non-disabled)
Artificial Things Choreographic approach
collaborative approach, dancers actively contribute through choreographic tasks
Artificial Things Stimulus
Snow covered landscape with an isolated figure perched on a collapsed wheelchair, being observed from afar as if through a snow globe, paintings Goran Djurovic, personal experiences.
Artificial Things Choreographic intention
coming to terms with life's limitations, we are subject to the gaze of others
Artificial Things Dancers
4 (2 male/ 2 female)
Artificial Things Duration
20 minutes
Artificial Things Structure
Dave and Laura's duet, David and Amy's duet, tumbleweed, tumbling and gliding, family portraits, Dave's solo
Artificial Things Aural Setting
Andy Higgs - "The Sunshine of Your Smile" and was mixed into the atmosphere often sounding distorted or as if drifting in on the wind.
Artificial Things Costume
Designed by Anna Jones, wash of blue and green, merging with the backdrop. Paint running from the garments. Like Djurovic's paintings. Other garments are removed to depict that time has moved on.
Artificial Things Lighting
Designed by Chain Yavrovan, focuses on one or two spots. It opens out in the middle, with a blue wash, is warm and has cool side lighting.
Artificial Things Performance environment
Proscenium arch
Artificial Things Staging/ set
Designed by Anna Jones, influenced by several paintings by Goran Djurovic. Crudely painted heavy backdrop, where paint looks like it is running. Vitrine, two stools and a headless mannequin