GCSE Dance - Shadows

Shadows choreographer
Christopher Bruce
Shadows Company
Phoenix Dance Theatre
Shadows Date of first performance
26th Nov 2014
Shadows Dance style
Modern dance techniques with classical and contemporary dance language termed "neo-classical"
Shadows Choreographic approach
Doesn't prepare movement, work with dancers
Shadows Stimulus
Music, European history and tradition. Relationship between family
Shadows Choreographic intention
Reference to past. Small family in Eastern Europe but left to people's interpretation
Shadows Dancers
4 (2 male/2 female)
Shadows duration
12 minutes
Shadows structure
solo, duet, trio, quartet
Shadows Aural setting
Fratres prerecord Arvo Part
Clear link between movement and music
Violin and piano
Shadows Costume
Gendered, 1930-40, colours muted and worn. Simple skirts, shirts, trousers, dresses. Dancers put on shoes and coats to leave
Shadows Lighting
John B Read. Creates intimate space or room. shaft of light from ceiling acts as a looming presence
Shadows Performance environment
End stage
Shadows Staging/set
Minimal set, bare walls and floor. Table, bench, 2 stools, coat stand, suitcases