Global Development Key Concepts


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The increasing connectedness between societies across the globe.
Gross National Product
The total economic value of goods and services produced BY a country.
Where a more powerful country expands into other, less powerful territories and exerts political and economic control.
A system of male domination and control
Believes governments should remove restrictions to free trade, privatize public services, and keep taxes low.
Modern World System
global capitalism is structured into three zones of production - core, periphery and semi-periphery
Official Development Aid
Loans and grants from public or official sources such as national governments or international agencies of development.
Fair Trade
Guarantees that products are produced in a way in which workers get a fair price and aren't exploited.
Typically have charity status and raise funds through a combination of voluntary donations from the public
Where a population moves from rural to urban areas - the migration of people from the country to towns and cities.
Where a country moves from an economy dominated by agricultural output and employment to one dominated by manufacturing.
The Enrolment Ratio
The percentage of children enrolled in school in a country