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Artificial Things- Dance GCSE

Lucy Bennett
Stopgap Dance Company
4 Dancers- (2male/2 female)
Dance Style
Inclusive Contemporary Dance
20 minutes
1) A snow-covered urban landscape with an isolated figure perched on a collapsed wheelchair.
2) Paintings by Goran Djurovic.
3)The dancers personal experiences of limitations.
Choreographic Approach
1) Collaborative approach with dancers.
2) Learnt material by Laura Jones and it was developed/translated by standing dancers.
3) Choreographic tasks initiated by Lucy Bennett.
By Anna Jones:
Washed out clothes with a lot of skin showing, so side lights can highlight movements. It looks like paint is running from the garments (blue and green tones) to represent Djurovic's paintings. Outer garments are worn in previous scenes and removed in Scene 3 to show time moving on.
There are 3 Scenes:
1) Depicts the underlying tension between the characters.
2) Exciting and violent: characters seek liberation from suffering austerity, this leads to tragedy and a broken wheelchair.
3) Aftermath where the characters are more pensive.
Date of first performance
5th February 2014
Performance environment
Proscenium Arch Stage
Choreographic Intention
1) Characters coming terms with life's limitations- we all live within certain confinements, and we are subject to the gaze of others.
2) The characters acting out this sorrowful but peaceful scene are still constricted within a snow globe that signifies these ideas.
3) Characters find resolution be coming together, and as the scene comes to a close, they surrender to the fact they will have to live with individual regrets.