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Computer Science

Algorithm A special method for solving a specific kind of problem Antiglare Screen A filter put over the screen of a computer monitor to reduce glare Application Software Software that performs a specific data=processing function Backup Copying or saving data to a secure location to prevent loss of data in the event of a disaster Bluetooth A technical industry standard that facilitates communication between wireless devices such as personal digital assistants, handheld computers, and wireless en…

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Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Brain of the computer that performs instructions defined by software
Set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do. It is what guides the hardware and tells it how to accomplish each task.
Operating System (OS)
Software used to control the computer and its peripheral equipment.
Input Device
device used to insert data into a computer or other device (ex: keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, voice recognition)
Output Device
device that projects images, gives sound, and basically gives out the info from the computer so the user can obtain it (ex: monitor, printer, projector, speakers)
Binary Code
Groupings of 1's and 0's that makes information that a computer can understand.
Physical elements of a computing systems (printer, circuit boards, wires, keyboard, etc)
Machine Language
Programs written in binary code
High-level language
easier for humans to understand
translates source code into machine code one line at a time
Binary Number System
Decimal Number System
Octal Number System
Hexadecimal Number System
Convert Binary to Decimal
Use positional notation
Convert Decimal to Binary
Divide by 2, use remainders
Convert Binary to Octal
Group binary number into 3s, use table
Convert Binary to Hexadecimal
Group binary number into 4s, use table
Hard Drive
Storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating rigid disks with magnetic surfaces. The device is either permanently installed within the computer case or can be portable
Printed circuit board on which the CPU, RAM chips and other electronic circuit elements of a digital computer are frequently located.
Random Access Memory - temporary place to store material that works quickly. erased when computer turns off. Volatile.
Power Supply
A device that provides power to a computer.
Wireless Network
Any type of computer network that is not connected by cables of any kind.

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