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Operating System
Software that acts as an interface between the applications and the hardware, can be shortened to OS.
A single user GUI operating system created by Google and used on many smartphones and tablets, derived from Linux.
A single user GUI phone and tablet operating system made by Apple for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, derived from Unix.
A multi-user GUI operating system created by Apple for its desktop and laptop computers such as the MacBook range.
A multi-user GUI operating system created by Microsoft and widely used on desktop and laptop PCs.
A free, open source operating system based on UNIX that was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds and is popular with programmers and web developers. This lightweight OS is also embedded in the TiVo box and many home wireless routers.
File Manager
An OS feature that reads and writes files and directories on behalf of the applications.
Input/Output Manager
A feature of the OS that handles input and output for the applications.
Resource Manager
This OS feature allocates CPU and memory to the running processes.
Process Manager
The OS feature that assigns a priority to running processes to determine in which order they will get their time on the CPU.
User Manager
This OS feature manages the users of the system.
Network Manager
A feature of the Operating System that manages network connections
Graphical User Interface. Very user-friendly, it is found on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems among others.
Command Line Interface
A simple, text-based means of communicating with the operating system. The kernel of Linux has only a Command Line Interface, as did MS-DOS (the fore-runner of Windows).
Process ID
A number assigned to a running process by the Operating System.
The importance of a process running on a computer, the Process Manager in the OS will assign all tasks a Priority and allow them access to the CPU accordingly.
Time Slice
A small chunk of time allowed for each process by the Process Manager in a multi-tasking Operating System.