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Emancipation of Expressionism ASDR


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1. Popping (pop, strobing), Locking (points, wrist twirls), Hip Hop (bounce, rock), Breaking (flares, six step), Waacking (waacks, rolls, vogues) and Krumping (jabs, stomps, chest pops)
2. Use of BBE signature movement and motifs
3. Use of isolations eg: actions with the head, chest and shoulders
4. Underpinning of the groove, low centre of gravity and bounce and rock through the torso and lower body
5. Travelling motifs such as 'Chariots of Fire'
Use of actions in a standing posture with relaxed/bent knees and a low centre of gravity
Key Actions
1. Movement that faces down stage (towards audience)
2. Horizontal pathway created from stage right to left
3. Use of symmetry in spacial formations
4. Groups of dancers placed in huddles of people
Arm gestures that extend fully away from the body and come back again
1. Sharp, strong and direct arm gestures that start from the centre of the body (torso), extend away and then return
2. Strong, flowing, fluid movements (eg: waving) that are interrupted by strong, sharp movements (eg: strobing)
3. Aggressive, quick phrases of movement
4. Pulsing movement that starts from articulation through the chest and torso (eg: 02:48)
Slow, sustained phrases of movement performed by a group of the ensemble that are juxtaposed by sharp, strong and direct movements performed by another group simultaneously (eg: 07:36)
1. Use of foreground and background. Soloist is supported/framed by the ensemble (eg: 00:16-00:45)
2. Frequent use of unison and canon
3. Sound surfing (visually representing subtle layers of music that you may not hear)
4. Repetition
Motif development; using levels, speed and direction, for example