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utility software
Software designed to help maintain a computer system.
operating system
Software designed to run a computer system.
encryption software
This software scrambles (encrypts) data to stop third parties (other people) from accessing it.
The process of putting broken up files back together on a hard disk.
data compression
The process of reducing the size of files so they take up less disk space.
full backup
When a copy is made of every file on a computer system.
incremental backup
When we only copy files created or changed since the last backup was done.
hard disk
Storage device that over time becomes more and more fragmented.
lossy compression
This type of compression works by permanently removing bits of data from a file to reduce its size. There is a loss in quality.
lossless compression
This type of compression allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data. There is no loss in quality.
A copy of a computer system's files.
A hard disk becomes this when small gaps begin to appear between files.
backup utility
Software than enables the scheduling of regular backups.
compression software
Software that reduces the size of files so that they take up less disk space.
When data has been scrambled it is said to be ?
When data is turned from cipher text to plain text it is said to have been ?
This is required to turn cipher text back to plain text.