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Unlock 3 Listening & Speaking - Chapter 4


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afraid of (adj.)
to feel fear or worry

Subject+be verb+afraid of+object
scared of (adj.)
frightened or worried

Subject +be verb+scared of+object
break the law (v.)
to commit a crime; to do something that is against the law
convenience (n.)
the quality of being easy to use and suitable for what you want to do
crash (v/n.)
If a vehicle crashes, it hits something by accident; an accident in which a vehicle hits something
cure (v/n.)
to make someone with an illness healthy again; something that makes someone with an illness healthy again
damage (v/n.)
harm or injury; to harm or break something
efficiency (n.)
a good use of time and energy, doing something without wasting anything

*Adjective form of efficient
engine (n.)
the part of a vehicle that uses oil, electricity, or steam to make it move
a fine (n.)
an amount of money that you must pay for doing something wrong
hit (v.)
to touch something or someone quickly and with force, usually hurting or damaging something
injure (v.)
to hurt a person or animal
old-fashioned (adj.)
not modern
respect (v/n.)
to admire someone because the person knows a lot or has done good things; polite behaviour to someone, especially because the person is older or more important than you
speed (n.)
how fast something moves or happens
turbulence (n.)
a ​state of ​confusion without any ​order; violent movement of air, like when a plane bounces during the flight
achieve (v.)
to succeed in doing something difficult
attitude (n.)
how you think or feel about something
avoid (v.)
to stay away from a person or place
challenge (v/n.)
to tell someone you do not accept their rules or you think they are wrong; something difficult that tests your ability
compare (v.)
to examine the ways in which two people or things are different or similar
complete (v/adj.)
to finish doing or making something; with all parts
concentrate (v.)
to think very hard about the thing you are doing and nothing else
consist of (v.)
to be made from something
control (v/n.)
to make a person or thing do what you want; the power to make a person or thing do what you want
design (v/n.)
to draw or plan something before making it; the way in which something is planned and made
experience (n.)
the knowledge that you get from doing a job, or from doing, seeing, or feeling something
goal (n.)
something that you want to do in the future
method (n.)
a way of doing something, often one that involves a system or plan
network (n.)
a system or group of connected parts
prevent (v.)
to stop something happening or to stop someone doing something
relax (v.)
to become happy and comfortable because nothing is worrying you, or to make someone do this
safety (n.)
a state of being safe from harm or danger

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