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Internet Service Providers
A company that provides access to the Internet for a fee
Uniform Resource Locator
An address that uniquely identifies a location on the Internet
Internet Registrar
Registers unique domain names
Internet Registry
Stores domain names & IP addresses
Domain Name System
A hierarchical system for naming resources on the Internet.
Fully Qualified Domain Name
The complete domain name of an Internet computer, such as www.CIWcertified.com
IP Address
The Internet Protocol address is a unique number assigned to each device connecting to the internet and it indicates where a packet of data is to be sent or has been sent from
A small unit of data transmitted over a network
Wide Area Networks
Network that covers a larger geographical area such as a state or country
Local Area Networks
Links computers within a department, building, or campus
Bus Topology
A setup that uses a central cable to connect all devices

- Cheap to install as it requires less cable than other topologies
- Does not require any additional hardware

- If the main cable fails, networks data can no longer be transmitted to any of the nodes
- Performance degrades with heavy traffic
- Low security - all computers on the network can see all data transmissions
Star Topology
A network topology in which all computers in the network connect to a central wiring point

- If one cable fails, only one station is affected, so it is simple to isolate fails