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Gaelic Time


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còig mionaidean às dèidh
five minutes past
One o'clock
deich mionaidean às dèidh
ten minutes past
dà uair
2 o'clock
cairteal às dèidh
quarter past
trì uairean
3 o'clock
ceithir uairean
4 o'clock
còig uairean
5 o'clock
sia uairean
6 o'clock
seachd uairean
7 o'clock
ochd uairean
8 o'clock.
naoi uairean
9 o'clock
deich uairean
10 o'clock
aon uair deug
11 o'clock
dà uair dheug
12 o'clock
fichead mionaid às dèidh
twenty minutes past
còig mionaidean fichead às dèidh
twenty five past
leth uair às dèidh
half past
còig mioniadean fichead gu
25 minutes to
fichead mioniad gu
20 minutes to
cairteal gu
quarter to
deich mionaidean gu
10 minutes to
còig mionaidean gu
five minutes to
Meadhan latha.
Meadhan oidhche
It is noon.
It is midnight.