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Haiti Earthquake


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What was the date of the Haiti Earthquake?
12th January 2010
What was the magnitude of the Earthquake?
How far away from the capital Port-au-Prince was the focus?
15km SW
How many people were killed?
How many were made homeless?
How many homes were destroyed?
How many temporary camps were set up for accommodation?
Which disease killed several hundred people after the earthquake?
How much rubble was left behind?
19million cubic metres
How many schools were destroyed?
5,000 schools
What is the estimated cost of repairs?
Why were the effects so great for Haiti compared to the Christchurch earthquake?
Haiti is an incredibly poor country, it wasn't ready for the earthquake.
What was the average wage just before the earthquake?
$2 a day
What percentage of people lived in poorly constructed housing which collapsed immediately?
Which two resources were destroyed, hampering relief efforts?
The port and the airport
What is the physician density of Haiti?
0.25 (1 doctor per 4000 people)
Give 4 short term responses to the Haiti earthquake.
1. Search and rescue teams with specially trained medics and sniffer dogs, as well as heat sensitive scanners were deployed to search for survivors.

2. The UN and USA provided security to maintain law and order and reduce looting as well as the fair distribution of aid.

3. The UK's Disasters Emergency Committee raised over £100m for supporting 1.2million people with clean water, sanitation, medical costs and emergency shelters.

4. The neighbouring Dominican Republic gave aid in the form of food, shelter and clean water.
Give 4 long term responses to the Haiti earthquake?
1. 75% of the damaged buildings were inspected and repaired.

2. 200,000 people received cash or food for helping to clean and repair after the earthquake.

3. Several thousand people have moved away from Port-au-Prince, resulting in reverse-urbanisation, the only LEDC in the world to experience this.

4. The World Bank pledged $100m to support reconstruction and recovery.