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Nigeria is a country in which part of Africa?
Which city in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa?
Nigeria is in the top 21 world's largest economies, in which year did this happen?
Nigeria supplies 2.7% of the world's what?
Lagos is a very important global city, predominantly growing due to financial service industry, the media and what other type of industry?
Mobile technology
Nigeria has the fastest growing GDP in the whole of Africa, it also has the largest population-what is it?
182 million
40% of Nigeria's population are employed in which industry?
Farming/ agriculture
Until what year was Nigeria part of the British Empire?
Nigeria's biggest exports are oil, cocoa and cotton but what are the imports?
Refined oil, wheat and telephones
Which type of industry, accountable for 10% of Nigeria's GDP has tripled in the last ten years?
Which major car manufacturer has factories in Lagos?
How many TNCs operate in Nigeria?
How many people do Unilever employ?
Unilever has spent money on improving healthcare, education and water supply. It also focuses on sustainable use of what?
Palm oil
Royal Dutch Shell employs 65000 Nigerian workers, what % of contracts do they give Nigeria?
What is the main problems facing the oil industry?
Oil theft
Royal Dutch Shell extract oil from which area of Nigeria?
Niger Delta
What % of the population live on less than $1 per day?
Nigeria receives 4% of the total aid given to all African countries, how many million US$ per year is it?
$5000 million
Aid is not used effectively in Nigeria - why not?
Coruption in government
Economic growth has created many environmental problems - such as?
Water, air and noise pollution
In 2011, Nigeria had one of the highest average ... improvements in the world.
As of 2013, what is Nigeria's HDI?
In 2003 there was a huge uprising in the city of Lagos causing many people to die - who is the shortest?