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Acabar de
To have just done...
acabo de salir con mis amigos
I have just gone out with my friends
Soler + inf
To usually do...
suelo coger el autobus para ir al centro
usually I take the bus to go to the centre
máas..que, menos...que, mejor...que, peor...que, tan..como
to compare
mi pueblo es mejor que Londres
my town is better than London
para + inf
in order to do something
voy al polideportivo para jugar al tenis
I go to the sports centre in order to play tennis
antes de + inf
Before doing something
antes de ir a la play, fui a ver mi mejor amigo
before going to the beach, i went to see my best friend
después de + inf
after doing something
después de nadar, voy a la playa
After swimming, I go to the beach
Querer + inf
to want to do something
quiero visitar el museo
I want to visit the museum
poder + inf
to be able to do...
podemos hacer tortilla
we can make tortilla
deber + inf
to ought/ must to do...
debeo beber vino
I ought/ must to drink wine
tener que + inf
to have to do...
tuve que coger el tren de paradas
I had to take a stopping train
cuando tenga + future tense
when I have something, I will
cuando tenga tiempo/dinero, voy a ir a Madrid
when I have the time/ money, I will go to Madrid
Si tuviera...+ conditional
If I had something I would
si tuviera tiempo/ dinero iría en avión
If I had had the time/ money, I would go by plane
me/ te/ le/ nos/ os/les gustaría(n) + inf
I/ you/ (s)he/ we/ you/ they would like to...
me gustaría viajar a Nueva York en mayo
I would like to visit New York in May
Preferir + inf
to prefer to do...
prefiero estudiar en casa
I prefer to study at home
echar de menos
to miss
echo de menos comer chocolate
I miss eating chocolate
empezar a + inf
to start to do...
empiezo a hacer más ejercicio
I am starting to do more exercise
ser necesario + inf
to be necessary
es necesario dormir bien todos los días
it is necessary to sleep well everyday
ser importante
to be important
es importante hablar muchos idiomas
It is important to speak any languages
tener la intención de
to intend to
tengo la intención de estudiar en Madrid en el futuro
I intend to study in Madrid in the future