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Artificial things

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Artificial things
Choreographed by lucy benett
Dance company
Stopgap dance company
Dance style
Inclusive contemporary dance
Premiere date
5th February 2014
Choreographic approach
Time setting
Unison of textures
Snowy landscape with a collapsed wheelchair
Idea of Viewing from afar
Being enclosed in a snow globe
The art of Goran djurovic from the 'unknown secrets' collection
The dancers own lives and personal stories
Choreographic intention
Loss and resolve
Life's limitations
Being observed by others
4- 2 female 2 male
Amy, Laura, David, Dave
20 minutes
3 scenes;
1) tension
2) violent tragedy
3) shocks & sadness, loss & resolve. 1 dancer is missing - slow build towards climax
Aural composer
Andy Higgs
Aural setting
A futuristic atmosphere suggesting time has passed and the old ways have broken down
He used the piano both inside & out to create a cold ambient sound
He uses the sound of paper snow and incorporated other sound effects such as wind
Uses elements of the song 'the sunshine of your smile' were mixed to the atmosphere
And the final section uses the full version of the song
Costume designer
Anna Jones
The costumes were a wash of green and blue, merging with the backdrop
It looks as if paint is running down from the garments, which reference to being stuck in one of the paintings by Djurovic
Outer garments one in previous scenes, such as jackets and jumpers, are removed in this scene to show that time has moved on
Lighting designer
Chahine yavrovan
For much of the piece the piece the lighting focuses in on one or two spots.
It opens out in the middle, with a blue wash and warm and cool side lighting before closing down to another spot for the final solo
Performance environment
Proscenium arch
Set designer
Anna Jones
Staging/ set
That site is influence by several paintings from the 'unknown secrets' collection by goran djurovic.
It consists of heavy backdrop of which the paint looks as if it is running down the canvas.
In scenes 1&2 this is painted with brightly coloured strips, which are removed for scene 3 to create calmer visuals.