AQA A-Level Geography Subject Specific Vocabulary

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DistributionThe geographical locations of specified phenomenon/phenomena, most often shown on a map. It may or may not present as a pattern.Economic.Connected with the economy and therefore often to do with employment, industry and welfare, and measurable in money terms.EffectsThe results/outcomes of an event, action or process.EnvironmentalConnected with the environment - water, air and land and the organisms which occupy it (including humans) and natural resources obtainable from it.FactorsThe underlying causes of a phenomenon or problem or issue and the elements that influence it.ImpactsThe results/outcomes of events, actions or processes on people and the environment. They can be positive or negative.ImplicationsWhat happens or might happen as a result/consequence of events, actions or processes.InterrelationshipsLinks between two or more phenomena, such that changing one less to changes in the other(s).IssuesMatters which cause concern to people and about which there may be differing views and may therefore be a source of conflict.LifestyleThe way in which people live their lives on a regular basis.ManagementThe design and implementation of policies and strategies to minimise or reduce impacts or problems and enhance outcomes. Management implies a degree of deliberation and planning.OpportunitiesA situation where change might occur and where it could be for the better.PatternsRegularities in the occurrence or distribution of phenomena. Geographically, most often shown on a map.PoliticalConnected with the distribution and exercise of power, the promotion of different viewpoints and polices, the resolution of any such differences and the consequent decisions.ProblemsDifficulties, risks or issues that worry people and indicate a response is required.ProcessA sequence of at least two related events that causes a change to take place.ResponsesThe ways in which people react to an event or possible event - some may be as groups; some are planned, some are unplanned.ScaleThe area or scope of a phenomenon or focus of study - local, regional, national, international, global.SocialConnected with people, their quality of life, health, education, prosperity and welfare.StrategiesAn overarching view and approach which indicates methods used to manage a problem or issue.SustainableThat which is capable of being maintained into the foreseeable future without prejudice to its own continuation or damage to the environment.ThreatsA situation where change might occur and where it could be for the worse.TrendsThe general direction of a change - increasing, decreasing, fluctuating.VariationHow far a phenomenon differs from the norm or the average.