WJEC A2 Psychology- Characteristics of Schizophrenia

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Kurt Schneider
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DepressionMood disorder- many people with depression experience negative symptoms and many people with SZ experience depression. It is hard to say which one is causing what.Disordered thinkingThoughts seem to jump from one topic to another- no logical flow of discussion, people with SZ sometimes report that thoughts in their heads are not their own. This is called thought insertion, they believe the thoughts have been placed by a third party.AlogiaNegative symptom- poverty of speech. Even short, simple answers can be a problem.AvolitionNegative symptom- when people are indifferent or unconcerned with their surroundings and show no desire to take part in activities e.g work/ personal activities they once enjoyed.AnhedoniaNegative symptom- the individual does not react appropriately to pleasurable experiences e.g a rugby fan will not be happy about their team winning.Flatness of effectNegative symptom- this is where individuals appear to have no emotion.Catatonic behaviourFast, repetitive, useless movements. Echopraxia may also occur- this is when the individual mimics the movements of those around them.