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4.a - One country or region impacted by structural economic change

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- Planning has been essential in bringing about physical change as it was hoped this would act as a catalyst for more socio economic changes.
-Public spaces have been developed and 19th century buildings have been restored.
- A flagship development, partly funded by the EU was the intervention convention centre and symphony hall opened in 1991. The convention centre (Now barclaycard centre) attracts international and national conferences. It is a key example of the multiplier effect due to the hotels, restaurants etc that benefit from visitors and their spending.
- The national indoor arena attracts large sporting events such as the 2003 world indoor athletics championships.
- Three other important players are the cities universities with a combined student population of 50,000. This not only contributes to the young profile of the city but also they bring wealth to the area. They employ people with income to spend, this is in addition to the spending of the students and students provide a market for lots of goods and services.
- As a post industrial city, Birmingham has been improving its service provision. The bull ring redevelopment of the 1960's was Europe's first major indoor shopping centre and it contributes to the city's status as one of the country's leading retail centres.
- The environment of the city centre has also been upgraded significantly. Streets have been pedestrianised and decorated alongside the regeneration of the previously ignored canals which have helped economic revitalization.
- HS2 rail (see other slide)