Christian Practices


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How do Christians develop a relationship with God?
Worshipping or by giving worth to God in their lives.
What are the two most important practical expressions of Christian faith?
Baptism and sharing in the Eucharist.
What churches class Baptism and sharing of the Eucharist as Sacraments?
The Catholic and Anglican churches.
When Christians go on a Pilgrimage, they travel somewhere special to their faith.
Two important examples of Christian Pilgrimage.
The Shrine.
The Monastic community of Taize.
Celebrations are Important religious practices. What are the two main Christian festivals in the UK?
Christmas and Easter.
A Christian charity with the aim of helping the poor in many countries around the world.
Why was 10 out of the 12 disciples and St Paul killed.
They were Martyred for their faith.
Church works for reconciliation in the world. What does the World Council of churches do?
Seeks to bring Christian churches together world wide.