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GCSE UK weather Hazards


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Low pressure
a mass of rising warm air that may bring rain or snow.
a weather system that affects the British Isles characterised by warm air meeting cold air at the Polar front
Warm front
a front where warm air moves over cold air and brings drizzly rain and then are followed by warm and clear weather
Cold front
forms when cold air moves under warm air which is less dense and pushes air up (produces thunderstorms, heavy rain or snow)
Occluded front
a front where a warm air mass is caught between two colder air masses, the warm air is no longer in contact with the ground
Trough on the Jet Stream
is the location where depressions form
Embryo depression
the initial stage of depression formation where a wave is formed on the Polar Front
Mature depression
a clear depression with falling pressures and 2 clear bands of precipitation
High-pressure centers of dry air
Winter anticyclones
bring cold dry weather with the potential for some snow
Summer anticyclones
have an absence of clouds leads to heat waves = hot sunny + no rain