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1.8 Ethical, Legal, Cultural & Environmental Concerns - GCSE OCR 9-1


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A person who may be involved either directly, or indirectly with an issue/problem
Issues and Problems
Most ***** and ****** will have many stakeholders
Behaving in ways considered by most people to be correct and honest
In accordance with principles of conduct that are considered correct, especially those of a given profession
Code of Ethics
A list of rules that professional bodies have which members must follow.
A company decides to install a range of computer software and hardware that would make most of its workforce unemployed. Is this an Ethical or Moral issue?
Digging for shale gas (Fracking) to release more energy supplies.
Is this an Ethical or Moral issue?
Both Moral and Ethical
The advancement of Artificial Intelligence?
Is this an Ethical or Moral issue or both?
Cultural Issue
Things like - Languages, Character Sets, Colours ,Use of social media are which type of issue?
Environmental Issue
The way in which computers damage the earth is known as