Dance gcse

Dance style- hip hop and street dance which includes features of waacking popping and locking.
Ds of e of e
Inclusive contemporary
ds of artificial things
Blends of samba,capoeira and contemporary
Ds of a linha curva
Contemporary and contact work
Ds of within her eyes
1 male and 1 female
How many dancers in within her eyes
28 (13 female/15 male)
How many dancers in a linha curva
17 dancers(8 female/9 male) kenrick is one of the dancers in the performance and several of the dancers feature in key solos and have leading roles
How many dancers are in E of E
2 female and 2 male
How many dancers in artificial things
End stage
Type of set in a linha curva
On location-site specific
Type of set in within her eyes
Proscenium arch stage
Type of set in E of E
Proscenium arch stage
Type of set in artificial things
Influenced by paintings from the untold secrets collections by Djurovic
What influenced the lighting in artificial things
Blue colour scheme ~ symbolic to company name "boy blue"
Used to create pathways and intensity~ adding focus to the piece
Blackouts frequently used to hide transitions ~create an illusion.
What influenced the lighting of E of E
To show progression of the day light and the progression in a love story
What inflienced the lighting in within her eyes
A carnival inspired the lighting design
What influenced the lighting in a linha curva
Both wear black vests different coloured lycra shirts. Carnival inspired enhance impact of lighting.feeling equality ensemble sections.disks refelct light start
Describe the costumes in a linha curva
Female~beige shirt and skirt
Male~khaki jumper and khaki pants with black boots
Describe the costumes in within her eyes
Short sleeved pastel blue tshirts,blum denim jeans,grey trainers with white sole.everyday jewerlery enhance individuality and everyday equalities in the piece.
Describe the costumes in E of E
A wash of blue and green merging with backdrop looks as if paints running down the garnments ,shirts,dresses and trousers are worn.
Describe the costumes in artificial things
Bright fun carnival inspired colours,may see in samba parade.choreographic intention~have fun,easy to move
Discuss how the costumes in a linha curva contribute to the stimulus and the choreographic intentuon of the work
Female~constantly reaching wrapping and falling on and around male .contrast folding in to him to pulling away highlighting she feels to her late lover and cant move on
Man~ devoted, responds to every move
What actions in the dance display the choreographic intention of a love story in within her eyes
Opening~cool,blue lighting several spotlights directed towards dancers in a group,look blue/pale/cold.
Lighting~ directly above shadows created as dancers move.enhances stimulus hence title
How does the lighting communicate the stimulus in e of e
Show time has passed on
What significance does the removal of outer garnments have in artificial things
12th may 2009
When was a linha curva first performed
February 2016
When was within her eyes first performed
5th february 2014
When was artificial things first performed
May 2013
When was E of E first performed
Simply to have fun
What was the choreographic intention if a linha curva?
The film only uses natural light of the environm nt .development from dalight to evening ~showing the passing off time and there relationship .the darker settings towards the end of the duet add to the intensity and intimacy of the final section.
Describe the lighting in within her eyes.
Music: Til Enda by Olafur Arnads~ starting point of piece.
Idea of emancipation expressionism(hence the title)
What's the stimulus for E of E
Light grey ,wooden frame around edges reflecting colour and shape of vetrine(wardrobe).Emphasising the fact that the audience is looking into a snow globe .
Describe the floor of artificial things
Who filmed within her eyes?
Means the curved line in Portuguese. The stimulus is Brazilian culture and Galileo wanted to celebrate the Brazilian way of life and the ability to live in the moment.
What's the dance stimulus to a linha curva
Coming to terms with life's limitations.within the scenes: characters find a resolution by coming together and as the scene ends they surrender to the fact that we all have to live with regret
What was the choreographic intention of artificial things
He wants the audience to feel that they are witnessing and sharing an emotional journey through the piece and appreciating hip hop dance as an art form.Each section is a scene,a moment in life and the whole work is a journey.(e.g genesis then the next scene is growth and struggle.)
What was the choreographic intention of E of E
Section 1~Robson,stand in 2nd,constantly rise up to their toes and down again with each arm gesture.motif repeats on loop,elbow draws in and forearms and head roll in full circle to the right.
Describe a group motif from A Linha Curva that helps to communicate the idea of celebration of Brazilkian Culture.
After prologue: very far away,completely isolated(in own world),the view is a secret observer
Gradually: moves closer,relationship gets closer,on track giving a very smooth quality .
How is the camera used in within her eyes?
Prominent feature=lighting from above stage casting an immense blue colour on dancers,spotlights above ,highlight/create wash of blue across state ,edges not lit,creating very central focus.
Describe the lighting in E of E
One or 2 spots.opens in middle blue wash and warm cool side lighting before closing down to another spot for the final solo.influenced by paintings from the untold secrets collection by Djurovic
Describe the lighting in artificial things
Three scenes~ only study section 3:opens 2 duets,group reunites for a contact based scene,ends with Daves solo.
How is artificial things structured
4 sections , not titles but kenrick describes the, as being based on the ideas of :
*Growth and struggle
*The connection and flow between people
How is E of E structured
Prologue,followed by 6 continuos sections,defined by changing location,physicality and music,altogether rejecting the developing relationship.altogether .overall effect=one seamless journey
How is within her eyes structured
Distinct parts of piece that are ade up of big ensemble dance sections as well as scenes with a narrative and character
How is a linha curva structured
Different coloured and timed lighting create a chequer board effect on stage and defines the line and spacing for the dancers in large ensemble sections of the piece .timef programme ~dictates spee.d
Describe the lighting in a linha curva
Complete contact,totally dependent on each other ,female never touching floor,created very unique vocabulary and style both physically and emotionally.
How are the relationships used in within her eyes
Image of a snow covered landscape with an isolated figure perched on s collapsed wheel chair , also paintings by Djurovic influenced the dance,as did the dancers personal experiences.
What's the dance stimulus for artificial things
Kenrick is very interested .Example=section 1 :Genesis ~where he works with the idea of a Rubik's cube and the way it can rotate three dimensionally ,in order to create transitions and formations with his dancers.
How are the formations and pathways (space) used in E of E
Lucy Bennett
Who choreographed artificial things
Kenrick "H20" Sandy
Who choreographed E of E
Itzik Galili
Who choreographed a linha curva
James cousins
Who choreographed within her eyes
Written by Percossa.The music,which includes vocal sounds is played live by four percussionists and is influenced by Brazillian samba music
Describe the aural setting of a Linha curva
It's a composition created specifically for the work,which evolved alongside the choreography. The music combines electronic elements with strings and piano,creating a haunting and emotive accompaniment that blends seamlessly with the choreography,flowing as one
Describe the aural setting of Within her eyes
Shifts from 2 urban pieces utilising powerful drum beats and electronic sounds,to a modern classic composition(November),to a fusion oiece(Til Enda)that incorporates urban percussive elements and classical string instrumentation
Describe the aural setting of E of E
Futuristic atmosphere showing times passed.piano~create a cold sound.used the sound of paper snow as well as distant rumbles,wind and footsteps.
Describe the aural setting of artificial things
Film set in remote locations giving the feeling of isolation and highlight the characters separation from society.the location progress from very open landscapes to more intimate settings shows the passage of time and rejects they're relationship getting more intimate and restricted as it progresses
Describe how the set in within her eyes helps communicate the choreographic intention of the dance
Screen rises at back to reveal backdrop,which is lit in purple tones and this is the first time another colour scheme is introduced,giving th effect of the opening of outer space
Describe how the set of E of E changes
Collaborative approach with improvisation
What was the choreographic approach for a linha curva
collaborative approach
What was the choreographic approach for a artificial things
Exploring and abstracting hip hop movements and signature company movements in a contemporary way.Working closely with the accompaniment and paying particular attention to musicality
What was the choreographic approach of E of E
The movement was created in collaboration with the dancers through improvisation,which was all filmed and learnt back from the video.James then pierced these segments together into a structure that reflected the narrative arc of the story
What was the choreographic approach for within her eyes
James Cousins Company
Whats the name of the dance company that created within her eyes
17 minutes
How long is within her eyes
Blue Boy Entertainment
What is the name of the dance company that created E of e
11 minutes
How long is E of E
Stopgap Dance Company
What's the name of the dance company that created articulate things
20 minutes
How long is artificial things
What's the name of the dance company that created a linha curva
23 minutes
How long is a linha curva
In one section,skateboards are used to propel 5 dancers across the stage.
What props are used in a linha curva
The vitrine is on its side with a snowdrift inside the cabinet.Paper snow is scattered on the ground .In front of the vitrine there are 2 stools and a headless suit on a mannequin legs perched on a third stool
What props are used in artificial things
Darkness of the male dancers costume contrasts with lightness of female,adding to illusion of her just floating on him in space.The darkness of the costume links him to the earth,whereas the lightness of the costumes gives her a more ethereal and celestial feel..
What do the costumes in within eyes contribute to our understanding
Replicates the journey Kenrick wants the audience to experience.Kenrick writes out the counts and uses symbols in his notes to ensure that movements complement the particular instrumentation and accents with the aural setting
How does the aural setting relate to the dance in E of E
A Linha curva means a curved line but large ensemble inspired movements are performed in regimented straight lines,creating a sense of samba parade
How is the title of a linha curva contradictive
James wanted to create a love story with a twist,inspired by both personal expericences and well known narratives,Cousins wanted to portray a unique narrative combining love and loss ,he wanted to flip the love story round in which the story portrays that no matter what happend,ultimately they could never be together
What is the Dane stinulus of within her eyes
Represent company and their style.casual~sense it features clothing un everyday life.mininmal clean look meaning ,as as simple as possible,so that no attention is took away from the moment and choreography.unisex in style,to not suggest any narrative to the piece.identically=present ad image of unity,togetherness and equality amongst them
What do the costumes used in E of E contribute to our understanding of the dance
Create a dance film that maintained the emotional intensity and energy of a live stage perceives and to portray an abstract tragic love story that's open to interpretation
What was the choreographic intentuon of within her eyes
It signifies a change in the mood
What dies scene 3 signify in artificial things
Paint looks like its dripping down the canvas.Wash of vertical strips of brown,blue and beige colours,removed in scene 3 to create a calmer atmosphere
Describe the backdrop in artificial things
The orchestra is positioned on a raised platform at the back
WAtis positioned on a raised platform at the back of a linha curv