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Poems of the Decade - Name that Poem

Can you remember the poem from the Poems of the Decade Anthology with only a single line?

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"of house imported from the continent"
'Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn'
"His desert island after shipwreck"
'Eat Me'
"This is the one my mother will bring"
'The Deliverer'
"That dream we had"
'To My Nine-Year-Old Self'
"I shape a chapel where a steeple stands"
"bumping into walls like a dodgem"
'On Her Blindness'
"I left it a year, to work back through its man-made dreams"
'Chainsaw Versus The Pampas Grass'
"Nostalgia only makes me old"
"At first it's just practice"
'The Gun'
"Sometimes I am dizzy with the fear of losing everything"
"she knows the one thing she must not do is to think"
'An Easy Passage'
"I saw him fur over like a stone mossing"
'The Lammas Hireling'
"In his fur-lined collar that was also spaniel-coloured"
'Out of the Bag'
"I am here to make you believe in life"
'A Minor Role'
"Swarms of us"
'Look We Have Coming to Dover!'
"someone tried to take her wedding ring"
"Familiar flavours she said she preferred"
"from these crushed valentines"
'The Furthest Distances I've Travelled'
"No one spoke; no one said what they saw"
'From The Journal of a Disappointed Man'
"And my wife says, This is the future"
'Please Hold'