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soft engineering
using natural materials to reshape landforms, meaning there is minimal impact on the natural environment.
beach nourishment
dumping new sand onto eroding beaches to restore them. Looks natural but doesn't last long. Eg Minehead
Managed retreat
Allowing low lying areas of low land value along the coast to be flooded and eroded in a controlled way. However land is lost.
hard engineering
an artificial construction using man made materials, designed to withstand wave energy or to control marine processes.
sea wall
a wall built on the edge of the coastline. Stops flooding and prevents erosion. However can look ugly and is very expensive. Eg Seven beach, Minehead, Japan
rip-rap (rock armour)
large boulders which are piled up on the beach. Absorb wave energy and reduce the power of the waves. Can look ugly and can be expensive.
a wooden barrier built at right angles to the beach. Stops long shore drift but trapping sediment which builds up the beaches. Can create problems elsewhere as they may starve other beaches of sediment.