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How sacraments reflect the Paschal Mystery

Seven sacraments in the Catholic Church that reinforce a connection with the events of Jesus' passion, death, resurrection and ascension.

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The water symbolises the washing away of sins and joining as a new child of God.
Promises are renewed and oil is anointed - these symbolise the giving of the Holy Spirit - the result of being joined with God.
Bread and wine become the connection with Jesus giving himself on the Cross for us.
We restore relationships between us and others (contrition, confession, absolution and penance) in the same way that Jesus restores our relationship to God through his death and resurrection.
Anointing of the sick
A priest lays on hands to a person who ill or near death - anointing with oil and 'food for the journey' is given. This gives strength to prepare for the end knowing that God is with them. The dying thief was given comfort by Jesus that he was going to be in paradise 'today'.
Two people are joined together in the same way that God will be joined with his people at the end because of what Jesus has done by dying and rising.
Holy Orders
Being given a distinct role or mission in the Church. Links with how Jesus gave his disciples a mission to take the blessing of the paschal mystery in the world.