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"Repelled to separate lands"
Genetics - Sinead Morrissey [distance in parents relationship]
"Who quarry for their marriage"
Genetic - Sinead Morrissey [simiar to quarrel, relatinship breakdown, searching for something valuable, lost]
"I shape a chapel where a steeple stands"
Genetics - Sinead Morrissey ["here is the church nursery rhyme" childlike narrator, sympathetic reader]
"My body is their marriage register"
Genetics - Sinead Morrissey [narrator holds parents together in holy matrimony]
"I held her hand, that was always scarred"
Effects - Alan Jenkins [personal, normality, mothers self-sacrifice]
"the scotch // That, when he was alive, she wouldn't touch"
Effects - Alan Jenkins [off limits when husband was alive, loss and its impact on the individual]
"The last words she had said were Please don't leave"
Effects - Alan Jenkins [italics create emphasis, imprinted on the narrators mind]
"Nostalgia only makes me old."
Material - Ros Barber [ communal loss, sad, sweet exploration of memory]
"their soft and hidden history"
Material - Ros Barber [usually disregarded object given significance, stress importance over generations, diminishing tradition]
"tissues and uncertainty"
Material - Ros Barber [consumerism throughout is the surface level of narrator emotion, be pragmatic in situations]
"Could not bear being blind"
On her blindness - Adam Thorpe [opening, alliteration, link to "bare" as a homophone and the connotations of vulnerability]
"Slow slide"
On her blindness - Adam Thorpe [sibilance=emphasise negative situation, additional audible emphasise long, difficult decline]
"She was watching, somewhere, in the end"
On her blindness - Adam Thorpe [separate final line = important. Positive tone = form of eulogy. "Watching" significant = mother previously lost ability to do]
"Sand spinning off in ribbons"
History - John Burnside [pleasant imagery, future negative subject matter through sibilance. "Spin...off" = tower destruction, metaporical potential for society to lose control]
"He muffled dread of what may come"
History - John Burnside [emotive, sinister, lack of expression = level of distortion, lack of clarity = confusing experience]
"Attentive to the irredeemable"
History - John Burnside [repetitive, consonance, society focus on key news = warning society can become enthralled with analysis of event]
"house imported from the continent"
Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn - Tim Turnball [electronic music genre, geographical distance lessened by technology. Link to "UK garage" = cultural diversity]
"pumped on youth an ecstasy"
Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn - Tim Turnball [inner city semantic field, language gateway between generations = ecstasy = happiness, or recreational drug]
"when all context is lost"
Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn - Tim Turnball [interpretation of the urn. if now negative behavior may be positive in future]
"Siberian white cells of scattered airports"
The furthest distances I've traveled" - Leontia Flynn [isolation, geographical extremity. Need to travel is natural, juxtaposes technology which makes it possible]
"these crushed valentines"
The furthest distances I've traveled - Leontia Flynn [personal side of travel + experiences, dramatic = large impact on narrator]
"have been those between people"
The furthest distances I've traveled - Leontia Flynn [references title, relationships+emotional journeys are equally important as physical. Distance between individuals, struggle to connect]
"You must forgive me-"
To My Nine-Year-Old Self - Helen Dunmore [imperative, forceful opening, reader apprehensive = emphasized by direct address. Introduces dialogue]
"I have spoiled this body we once shared"
To My Nine-Year-Old Self - Helen Dunmore [placing blame, stressing in stanza 2 opening "I" = once better, now impacting current day
"I shan't cloud your morning"
To My Nine-Year-Old Self - Helen Dunmore [contrast summer imagery, presence of narrator may undermine childhood memories. Homophone = "morning" + "mourning" = nostalgia
"I like big girls, soft girls"
Eat Me - Patience Agbabi [objectification, focus on male pleasure, repetition = patronizing, her vulnerability]
"my only pleasure the rush of fast food"
Eat Me - Patience Agbabi [female pleasure = short lived. Allitreation = physical unhealth, mental under-appreciation, addiction to food + relationship]
"There was nothing else left in the house to eat"
Eat Me - Patience Agbabi [ambiguous, sinister, male self-sacrifice to feed woman = consumption, woman now has to provide for herself = will she be healthy?]
"the sharp drop of the stairwell"
An Easy Passage - Julia Copus [precision, accuracy, potential for pain = impact of transition, physical+mental to adulthood]
"a square of petrified beach"
An Easy Passage - Julia Copus [uniform shape,jarring compared to fluid transitions. Physical = stone-like material, gravel driveway's emotions seeing girl on the rooftop]
"flash of armaments"
An Easy Passage - Julia Copus [military weapons fired = violence, at the end of poem = potential for future conflict]
"her torn voice"
The Lammas Hireling - Ian Duhig [savage, primal, vulnerability of others in comparison to narrator, apprehensive as to why, simultaneously indicating reader will never understand events]
"There was no/ Splash"
The Lammas Hireling - Ian Duhig [enjambement = emphasis, pause, build tension, never ending fear of hare + emotional?]
"It has been an hour since my last confession"
The Lammas Hireling - Ian Duhig [short time span, insanity or extreme guilt]
"was butchered on the dry and dusty ground"
Giuseppe - Roderick Ford [dehumanizing, relegated to being consumable. Contrast "the only captive mermaid in the world". Unnatural habitat, extended suffering]
"she screamed like a woman in terrible fear"
Giuseppe - Roderick Ford [only simile, atrocious death , direct comparison to human]
"for which I thank God"
Giuseppe - Roderick Ford [reintroduction of religion, emphasizes inhuman acts of uncle, or criticism of religious wars. At end of poem = suggested continuation into future]
"At first it's just practice"
The Gun - Vicki Feaver [negative tone, sense of apprehension, colon at end ensures the reader has time to consider the phrase. Death = inevitable]
"like when sex was fresh"
The Gun - Vicki Feaver [animalistic, images of raw meat = dehumanizing = power dynamics between individuals]
"the King of Death"
The Gun - Vicki Feaver [traditional masculine power. Royalty - social aspects, how the rich are more advantaged]
"I discovered these men"
The Journal Of A Disappointed Man - Andrew Motion [scientific discovery implied, contrast education to manual labor. Narrators separation from men]
"could go on swinging until the crack of Doom"
The Journal Of A Disappointed Man - Andrew Motion [reference to Christian judgement day. Said of be a 'blast of trumpets' signalling the end of the world
"gaze down like a mystic"
The Journal Of A Disappointed Man - Andrew Motion [figurative language = ancient belief an individual can become one with God = 'The Absolute' or = altered state of consciousness or attainment of sight]
"my heart's in the unobtrusive"
A Minor Role - UA Fanthorpe [considering the potential significance of life and the way emotions are directly linked]
"For well meant intrusiveness"
A Minor Role - UA Fanthorpe [juxtaposition. Potential disconnection between narrator and society, each wanting to do + experience different things]
"Saying Thank you / For anything to everyone"
A Minor Role - UA Fanthorpe [narrators lack of control of situation. Italics "thank you" = visual emphasis. Link to completing a performance = 'the end' approaching]
"the chainsaw seethed"
Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass - Simon Armitage [sibilance, burning passion + emotion of chainsaw = readers apprehensive of its return thee following year]
"plant juice spat from the pipes and tubes"
Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass - Simon Armitage [chainsaw lack of regard for nature, link to blood]
"sunning itself, stealing the show with its footstools"
Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass - Simon Armitage [sibilance, potential power + danger in nature. Calm + easy ability of grass to survive battle]
"This is the future"
Please Hold - Ciaran O'Driscoll [initially informative, repetition = negative, wariness. Sarcastic + critical of new phone systems]
"he is giving me no options / in the guise of countless alternatives"
Please Hold - Ciaran O'Driscoll [oxymoron = sinister nature of increasing automation and reduced human interaction. Appearance + reality = "guise" = deliberately misleading presentation]
"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
Please Hold - Ciaran O'Driscoll [Mozart reference = "A Little Serenade / A Little Night Music" = reminiscent of waiting songs for human support assistant. Humorous = expletive used in 3rd repetition of song name + narrator frustration]
"stowed in the sea to invade"
Look We Have Coming to Dover! - Daljit Nagra [hostile people threatening another country, hidden away unnoticed = criticize view of immigration detrimental or dangerous]
"banking on the miracle sun"
Look We Have Coming to Dover! - Daljit Nagra [typical view of Britain as constantly raining. Positive symbol]
"babbling our lingoes
Look We Have Coming to Dover! - Daljit Nagra [lighthearted to contrast serious issues = approachable to reader. "babbling" onomatopoeic = multiple languages
"Abandoned at their doorstep"
The Deliverer - Tishani Doshi [contrast to existing mother/child semantic field. Gap from everyday life + regular doorstep]
"Sees how she's passed around from woman // To woman"
The Deliverer - Tishani Doshi [sibilance = danger = break from repetition = encourage view that child is an unwelcome commodity]
"Trudge home to lie down for their men again"
The Deliverer - Tishani Doshi [unwillingness, form of trade or commodity through gender values = alludes to cycle of society]
"In his fur-lined collar that was also spaniel-coloured"
Out of the Bag - Seamus Heaney [not specific, childish = reference what they know. Juxtaposition = pleasant connotations of dog + fur-lined]
"Doctor Kerlin at the steemed-up glass"
Out of the Bag - Seamus Heaney [continued aspect of doctor in narrators life. Image of production area + reference scullery on ext line = production + manufacture of babies]
"Me at the bedside, incubating for real"
Out of the Bag - Seamus Heaney [transition to adulthood at bedside of ill mother = symbolic movement to the next generation = negative connotations of hospital incubator = suggest death?]