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Aeneid - Key points of every book

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Book 1: Aeolus sends storm, Venus clothes Aeneas and Achates in cloud, Cupid disguised as Ascanius placates Dido Book 2: 2 sea serpents emerging from sea, killing Laocoon and sons and settling under feet of statue of Pallas, visit from spirit of Hector, Venus stopping Aeneas from killing Helen of Troy, Anchises seeing peal of thunder and falling star, visit to Aeneas from spirit of Creusa Book 4: Mercury visits Aeneas sent by Jupiter on 2 occasions, Iris cutting strand of hair from Dido's head to spirit her away down to Underworld Book 5: Storm that sends Trojans back to Sicily (?), Juno sending Iris disguised as Beroë to stir up Trojan women to burn ships, Jupiter sending rain to put out fires, visit of Anchises to Aeneas in a dream instructing him to see him in the Underworld Book 6: Sibyl asking Aeneas to find Golden Bough and having two doves guide him Book 7: Swarm of bees landing on top of Laurel tree, prophet interpretation of 'stranger arriving, and an army', Lavinia's hair catching fire, Trojans 'eating their tables' as sign of having arrived in new homeland, Juno sending Allecto to Queen Amata to corrupt her spirit and persuade Turnus to resist Trojans (use threat of Lavinia being stolen from him by Aeneas), Allecto sounding the herdsman's signal on the curved horn to rouse local Rutulians to fight Ascanius and his hunting party Book 8: Aeneas seeing white sow with white offspring, sign that Ascanius will found city of Alba Longa, Venus asking Vulcan to make a set of armour for Aeneas Book 10: Sea nymphs speeding on Trojan and Arcadian ships that were provided by Tarchon of Tuscany, Juno creating phantom of Aeneas for Turnus to chase which prevents him from further danger Book 11: Death of Camilla at hands of Arruns compels Diana to dispatch her personal attendant Opis to kill Arruns Book 12: Juno has Juturna disguised as the military general Camers and persuades the Latins to break the treaty and attack the Trojans while they're off guard, Venus sending down a healing balm to help Aeneas' leg, wounded by an arrow, Jupiter sending one of the furies down as a bird to frighten, and thus weaken Turnus