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GCSE Dance - Infra

Infra Choreographer
Wayne McGregor
Infra Company
The Royal Ballet
Infra Date of first performance
13 November 2008 (at the Royal Opera House, London)
Infra Dance Style
Contemporary ballet (McGregor - it speeds and energetic, dynamic, angular, sinuous, hyperextended movements)
Infra Choreographic approach
SHOW a phrase to the cast, MAKE a phrase on target dancer/s, TASK set a task for dancers to complete or pose choreographic problem to solve.
Infra Stimulus
Latin word 'below', life beneath the surface of the city to present a moving meditation on human interactions, T.S. Eliot's poem 'The Wasteland'
Line from The Wasteland that was one of the stimuli for Infra
'Under a brown fog of a winter dawn / A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many'
Infra Choreographic intention
Seeing below the surface of things. The piece is about inferences and relationships and emotional content. complex structure left open to let the audience make their own selections.
Infra Dancers
12 (6 male/ 6 female)
Infra Duration
28 minutes
Infra Structure
solos, duets and ensembles, (e.g.) duets in six squares of light and a crowd surges across the stage (unaware of a woman's private grief).
Infra Aural setting
Music by Max Richter, Sound design by Chris Ekers. Score mixes melancholy string melodies with electronic sounds and everyday sounds. (trains)
Infra Costume
Designed by Moritz Junge. Shorts, vests, t-shirts in flesh, black, white, grey colours for the dancers. Street clothes for crowd.
Infra Lighting
Designed by Lucy Carter. Relates closely to the structure, lights the width of the the stage and often focuses downstage. Shafts of light and 6 rectangles. Colours used to highlight different sections.
Infra Performance environment
Proscenium arch
Infra Staging/ set
Set design by Julian Opie. 18m LED screen, high on a black wall. Width of the stage. Electronic walking figures.