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Von Neumann Architecture


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Von Neumann machine
based on the idea that both data and program be stored in the same memory.
It is a sequential processing machine.
It is a discrete memory location within the CPU designed to hold temporary data and instructions.
Program Counter
This holds the address in memory of the next instruction.
Memory Address Register
It holds the location in memory (address) of the next piece of data or program to be fetched (or stored).
Memory Data Register
When the data or program instruction is fetched from memory, it is temporarily held in the Memory Data Register or MDR
Connection that provided data to pass between different computer components ( chips , cards , peripherals)
The hertz (symbol Hz) is the unit of frequency and is defined as one cycle per second
Turing test
The Turing test is a test for determining whether a machine can think.
Random Access Memory. The main memory of the computer. Volatile memory which means when you turn off the computer it loses all of its contents/data.
Read-Only Memory . Contains basic instructions for starting operation of the computer .