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Recap knowledge - Creation and Humanity


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What is special about Humans?
They are made in the image of God or Imago Dei.
What does 'Imago Dei' mean?
It means made in the image of God - or that we are a reflection of God.
In what ways do we reflect God?
We are creative, moral, communal. We can receive and give love, show logic and rationality., we can have connections with others. We are more than physical - we are spiritual.
What two key ingredients were there when Humans were made by God - and how does this relate to what we are?
We are physical - made from the dust. We are spiritual - God breathed life into us.
What are the two extreme interpretations of the creations account?
Metaphorical and literal.
What is the term for a person who might take the account of Creation literally?
What is the term for someone who might believe God was behind the evolutionary process?
Theistic evolutionist
In John 1 it talks about the Word. Give three characteristics about the Word.
Was with God in the beginning. Was God. Made all things. Became flesh and dwelt among us.
Explain how the image of God might link to our happiness as human beings.
If we have community, freedom to express ourselves creatively, live in a moral or just world it can bring security. Without those things it is a little like the holocaust.
Give two responsibilities that were given to humans in the way that they are to relate to the created world.
Dominion (ruling over) and stewardship (taking care of).
Give an example of how dominion might spoil the world if taken too far.
Resources depleted. Ecological disasters.
Give an example from your own life of how stewardship works.
Anything will work dude - like borrowing a library book and having to look after it - or someone lending you their phone.
What are ethics?
Ethics are right and wrong moral decisions.
What is the 'sanctity of life'?
When life is sacred and precious and needs to be protected and nurtured.