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Recap knowledge - Incarnation


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What does the word incarnation mean? Why?
God in the flesh or meat - carne is meat.
Explain how many natures Jesus has and why this is important to Christians?
Two - fully God and fully man - important because it means that we can have our bridge back to God restored.
Why is the Virgin birth important?
Because it means Jesus was born sinless, and also that he is perfectly God/human.
Can you name any of the miracles in John's gospel?
9 dude - there are 9. You should be Abel to do at least three - the 'I am' ones?
How is John 1:14 important to the argument that God exists?
"The word became flesh" is all about the fact that God became a human and revealed God to us through his actions.
Hebrews 1 - Jesus is the 'e_____ r_______' of God.
Exact representation. What he says, God is saying. What he does, God is doing.
Colossians 1 Jesus is the 'i_____ of the i________ God.'
Image of the invisible God. Although we can't see God - we can when we se what Jesus says and does.