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Islamic Beliefs - Recap


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True or false: Islam is monotheistic.
Yes they are. It is true.
Which belief reinforces this idea?
Which groups is larger - Shi'a or Sunni? By how much?
Sunni 1.2 billion Shi'a 120 million. Smaller number of letters=smaller group.
Shi'a and Sunni - which has the 5 roots and which has the 6 beliefs?
5 roots - Shi'a. 6 beliefs Sunni. Less letters=smaller number.
What is the main difference in beliefs between Shi'a and Sunni?
Shi'a have different ideas about who Muhammed's successors were: Imamah. They have some different festivals as a result. They also believe slightly different things about Al Qadr.
Can you remember most of the 5 roots?
A MINT - Adl (divine justice) Mi'ad (day of resurrection) Imamah (Successors to M) Nebuwwah (prophethood) Tawhid (Allah above all things)
Can you list the 6 beliefs?
TAR - 1. Tawhid (Allah above all things) 2 and 3. Akhirah (2. Day of judgement, 3. Al Qadr or predestination) 4,5 and 6. RiSalah - channel of communication (4. Malaikah - angels, 5. Prophets, 6. Holy Books)
The purest holy books of Islam is called
The Qur'an
The book with the sayings and traditions of the Prophet M is called
The Hadith
How many names of Allah are there? How many characteristics?
99 names 130 characteristics
Can you sing that song that Max learnt from the video.
"There are 99 names of Allah..."
6 of the characteristics/names of Allah are
TOTBIM - Tahwid, Omnipotent, Transcendence, Beneficient, Immanence, Merciful
What is the name for the forbidden sin of representing Allah?
Another word for worship is
What is RiSalah?
The channel of communication between Allah and us. It means Angels-Prophets-Books.
Illustrate RiSalah with a Mum, an iPhone and time for eating dinner.
RiSalah is a bit like a Mum messaging you about dinner. God (mum) speaks via the Angel (iPhone) to tell us something important (dinner time message on imessage/whatsapp)
How many prophets did we learn about?
AIIIMMD - go on - look them up.
Give a couple of key differences between Christian ideas and Muslim ideas about the prophet figures in Islam.
Isa-Jesus - not a prophet in Christianity. Calling him the Son of God is shirk for Muslims. Moses did not corrupt the word of God. Musa did.
There is a word you learn that give 5 characteristics about Angels.
6 characteristics of angels - 3 NOTS and 2 ARES. What are they?
Gender NOT, Physical NOT, Freewill NOT, Sins NOT. Revelation ARE, Immortal ARE.
Can you remember three of the four Angels we studied and what they each do?
Mik'ail - mercy/provision, Jibril - revelation/messages, Izra'il - death/last breath, Israfil - The End/last judgement trumpet.
How many Muslim Holy Books are there?
Can you remember the English names for the Holy Books?
Scrolls (Sahifah), Torah (Tawrat), Psalms (Zabur), Gospel (Injil), Qur'an.
Can you link three prophets to three holy books?
I am not helping with this - look back at the relevant questions and link them. I'm not your mum.
Which Holy Books are corrupted?
All except the Qur'an.
Give an Islamic term for the idea of predestination.
Al Qadr.
Which omni word does the idea of foreknowledge link to?
Why might Al Qadr mean that God's judgement is problematic?
If it has all been decided beforehand then are you truly responsible for you own actions?
Can you explain the difference between Shi'a and Sunni ideas about Al Qadr?
Shi'a believe that our choice has an impact on the end result. Sunni think that our choice confirms to what has already been decided by Allah.
Give three ways that Al Qadr might affect a Muslim on a daily basis.
1. Don't worry because he is in charge. 2. Suffering is God's will so accept and endure it. 3. We have free will and will be judged so live a good life.
What does the term Akhirah mean?
The afterlife.
Which Angel announces the end and which instrument do they use to announce it?
Israfil - trumpet.
In what way is Allah going to intercede for good Muslims?
He will have mercy on them on the day of judgement.
What is Al'Jannah?
Paradise. Like a perfect Garden of peace.
What is Jahannam?
A big hole filled with fire. Hell.
What is the term for the period between death and day of judgement/resurrection?
How many gates are there in Heaven and Hell and why?
7. They are for people with more and less levels of curse/blessing.
What are some of the differences between Christian and Muslim ideas about the afterlife?
Both: resurrection, judgement, heaven and hell. Different: Jesus' death and resurrection vs Allah's mercy and obedience.