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Poetry Genres & Movements - Link the Poets

Test your knowledge and identify the poetic genre / movement associated with some well-known poets.

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Edmund Spenser & Christopher Marlowe
Classical Pastoralism
Allen Ginsberg & William S Burroughs
The Beat Generation Poets
Anne Sexton & Sylvia Plath
The Confessionalists
John Donne & George Herbert
The Metaphysical Poets
Robert Herrick & Thomas Carew
The Cavalier Poets
T. S. Elliot & W. H. Auden
Modernist Poets
John Keats, Percy Bysse Shelley & George Gordon, Lord Byron
The 'New' Romantic Poets
Philip Larkin & Kingsley Amis
The Movement
Geoffrey Chaucer & John Gower
Medieval Poets
William Wordsworth, William Blake and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The 'Old' Romantic Poets
Alexander Pope & John Gay
Augustan Poetry
Ezra Pound & William Carlos Williams
The Imagists
J. H. Prynne & Tom Raworth
The British Poetry Revival
John Milton & William Shakespeare
Elizabethan Poets
Christina Rossetti, Alfred, Lord Tennyson & Emily Bronte
Victorian Poets