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Living with Environmental Change

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- forestry was placed on the agenda of the consultative group on Indonesia (CGI) for the first time in July 1999 - they planned to establish an interdepartmental committee on forestry, form a national forest program and take immediate action on 8 urgent issues including; measures against illegal logging, forest resource assessments, and downsizing the wood based industry to work towards sustainable forest management.

- Governments originally blamed shifting cultivators but it was due to commercial development (palm oil plantations) which were responsible, the large-scale land conversion was the largest single cause of forest fires destroying 5mil hectares of forest.

- Indonesia is one of the most biologically diverse countries and therefore the habitat loss caused by deforestation is a primary threat to it. Habitats have been replaced by large scale plantations which cannot sustain a biologically rich community, and as it is reduced the natural forest is being broken up into smaller areas which cannot sustain all food chains and species.

- In 2014 more forest was cleared in Indonesia compared to brazil these are two of the world's most biodiverse areas and is resulting in the extinction of species in our lifetimes.

- 2010 Norway pledged $1 bill to reduce deforestation and will only receive money if monitoring proves a slowdown in deforestation. So far only $60 mil awarded as they have not followed the plan to slow down

- Indonesia is one of the world's top producers of gold, copper, nickle, tin and coal, as well as being one of the world's largest exports of thermal coal.