P3 Science Dr Gair


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name 9 types of energy
Kinetic, chemical, elastic, nuclear, light, sound, heat, gravitational potential, electrical
What is thermal conductivity?
A measure of how quickly energy is transferred through a material via conduction
What is radiation?
The transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
Can energy be created or destroyed?
No, it can be changed from one form to another
what energy is stored in a ball at the apex of its bounce?
gravitational potential energy
what if it is on the way down?
kinetic energy
what is the calculation for energy efficiency?
useful energy divided by total input
if a lamp has a total input of 100 watts but 80 watts is transferred as heat energy, how much is useful?
a substance that reduces the transfer of electricity, heat, or sound
The direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching.
Process by which, in a fluid being heated, the warmer part of the mass will rise and the cooler portions will sink.
how can we reduce friction?
lubricate the object to reduce wasted energy transfers