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SP: Theory - Agency Theory


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Autonomous state
Where individuals are seen as personally responsible for their actions
Agentic state
When a person obeys an authority figure and doesn't account for consequences of behaviour
Who theorised agency theory
Moral strain
Experiencing anxiety because you are asked to do something that goes against your moral judgement
Agentic shift
Shift from autonomy to agency
Supporting study
Milgram #7. Obedience dropped to 22% when authority figure not present and therefore people feel responsible for their own actions. Compared to 65% when they authority figure was present as they were absolved of the consequences
Only used males so you could argue that agency theory is only applicable to males
Reliable as it is a lab experiment and can test for consistency in results
Opposing research
Rank and Jacobson found that 16/18 nurses stayed in autonomous state even with an authority figure
Different theory
Social impact theory where obedience depends on strength, immediacy and number
The military. People do bad things that they usually wouldn't because it is an order and they are absolved of the consequences