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SP: Theory - Social Impact Theory


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Strength of source
Refers to their power over target due to status, wealth, etc
Immediacy of source
How physically or psychologically close they are to the target
law of diminishing returns
Adding something to a smaller group has a bigger impact than adding that something to a larger group
Supporting study
Sedikides and Jackson found obedience to a zoo keeper was highest when
- zoo keeper was wearing uniform
- zoo keeper was in the vicinity
- the targets were single or in a small group
Low in internal validity due to uncontrolled extraneous variables
High in ecological validity as it was a real life scenario eliciting natural behaviour
Opposing experiment
Hoffling found that 21/22 nurses obeyed even though the source was unknown and on the phone
Different theory
Agency theory which states that people have two mindsets: autonomous and agentic. Obedience depends on which mindset they are in
Politicians can increase obedience by increasing strength immediacy and number
- wearing a suit
- meeting supporters
- focusing on small groups
Who theorised social impact theory