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SP: Experiments - Factors Affecting Obedience 1.1.3


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Sheridan and King
Explain Sheridan and King
People asked to shock dog
Results of Sheridan and King
Males 54% obedience compared to females at 100% obedience
Meeus and Raimaker
Explain Meeus and Raiimaker
Pp had to insult confederate. Dutch study
Results of Meeus and Raiimaker
92% obedience
Situation (SIN)
Sedikides and Jackson
Explain Sedikedes and Jackson
Confederate pretended to be zoo and asked pp not to climb in railings
Results of Sedikides and Jackson
People were most obedience when confederate was in uniform and in the vicinity
Situation (Proximity and authority)
Explain Hoffling
Nurses asked to administer dangerous drug by unknown dr on the phone
Results of Hoffling
21/22 obeyed
Situation (Proximity and authority)
Rank and Jacobson
Explain Rank and Jacobson
Increased realism of Hoffling EG used known drug and were able to confer with others
Results of Rank and Jacobson
2/18 obeyed
Shanab and Yahya
Explain Shanab and Yahya
Milgram with children of different age groups
Results of Shanab and Yahya
Around 73% for all groups showing that age doesn't significantly affect obedience
Elms and Milgram
Explain Elms and Milgram
Tested authoritarian personality by comparing most obedient and most disobedient from Milgram with their F-Scores
Results of Elms and Milgram
Found the higher the F-score, the higher the obedience
Locus of Control
Explain Miller
Asked participants to grab a live wire
Results of Miller
Found correlation between obedience and locus of control